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John Philip Falter Museum


John Philip Falter Museum


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Mission Statement: “To preserve and honor the legacy of illustrator, John Philip Falter, in his hometown while providing inspiration for generations to come.”

John Philip Falter Museum opened in historical downtown Falls City, NE on May 1, 2015 in the lobby of the former Richardson County Bank at 1622 Stone Street. After graduating from Falls City High School in 1928, John Philip Falter went on to become a world-renowned illustrator. The museum features: his Philadelphia studio (on loan from the Nebraska State Historical Society Museum), his 129 “Saturday Evening Post” covers, original Jazz works and prints, as well as other works on loan from local collectors.


A replica of John's Philadelphia Studio is on loan from the Nebraska State Historical Society.

John's Saturday Evening Post Covers are available to view based on season.
The museum is currently featuring his Winter/Spring themed covers.


It has been my hope to record what is probably the last of the great tradition of farming, of river life, of the domestic life so closely related to it, and of the small bits of peace and serenity that only exist close to nature. In treating what is, to me, a profoundly appealing subject, I have tried to be completely impersonal; it has been my wish to observe and record, to document and to commend the poetic way of life I have observed in many parts of America, from the Amish men of Pennsylvania to the cat fishermen of the Missouri River.
— John Philip Falter

If you would like to make a donation to the John Philip Falter Museum, please click the below.
We appreciate your generosity as we spread awareness for John's work and his love of Art. 


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Falter Fans

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America through the brush
of john philip falter:

A collection of his 129 Saturday Evening post covers

A unique and beautiful 6" X 9" limited edition book of John's 129 Saturday Evening covers.
It is available to Falter Fans for a $125 or more donation to the museum.

prints for sale

18 X 24" $125

18" X 24"

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7.5" X 10"
15" X 18.5"

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15" X 22" 
21" X 30"

John Falter Note Card Set: $20.00
*shipping not included*

To offset operational costs, we have decided to feature some of our favorite prints by John Falter. We also have jigsaw puzzles, coffee mugs and an assortment of greeting cards for sale. All of these items make special and very unique gifts that cannot be found anywhere else.


To place an order, email, text or call Dobey: