Dear Falter Fans,

We hope your 2017 was filled with love and laughter and that 2018 meets you with excitement.

2017 was another enjoyable year at the Falter Museum.  We want to share the highlights with you because the museum is open thanks to your visits and support!

We had 358 visitors with 45% of those visitors coming from 24 states and another country: China

Here is a recap of the events hosted at the John Philip Falter Museum last year:


We are planning more fun events in 2018, so be sure you stop by often or whenever you are in Falls City for a bit of nostalgia, relaxation and lots of smiles.

Below you will find images of the John Philip Falter painting which is to be offered in the Spring 20th Century American Art Auction scheduled for March 31st  in Indianapolis.

The painting is oil on masonite, signed lower right, 41" x 29", and depicts an FFA student with his father receiving a check for his first delivery of steers to the Omaha stockyard. 

Provenance: The painting was designed to promote an Eli Lilly & Co. Agricultural product called Stilbosol, (an additive for cattle feed), in approximately 1955. In addition we know that prior to 1957, prints of this painting were given to Stilbosol customers as a thank you when the market share reached 90%. The company, Elanco, was launched in 1960 when the agricultural sales division of Eli Lilly & Co. reorganized, and this painting hung in the lobby. One of the first agricultural sales representatives for Lilly was a local Indianapolis man who also worked closely with the FFA throughout his career. Upon his retirement in 1983, the company gifted the painting to him in recognition of his highly successful career and service to the company. The painting is consigned to us from his estate.

The auction company is asking us for any information we might have about this painting, so please let me know if you know something about it.


Dobey Falter Haws, Curator
and the Falter Museum Staff