“Falls City”

December 21, 1946
Falls City Chamber/Mainstreet

“Having walked every foot of this street a thousand times, and having known every store front and owner, it was quite natural for me to want to put the old street on canvas. I went to Falls City the summer of 1946, and made a lot of sketches and photos of the street from all angles, tops of buildings, out of windows, etc. I then came back to my then Bucks Country, PA, studio, worked out my viewpoint, and set the mood as a Christmas scene. From then on the picture painted itself as my imagination went to work and I painted both sides of the street and then some! To indicate my dad’s store (lower left), I used his brother’s middle name (Weber) on the sign.” 

“The war had only ended a few months before, so the G.I. green Jeep (war surplus) was appropriate with the Christmas tree on top. I remember the best chili at Brown’s Cafe, the high school rings at Davies’, the Weaver Hotel, now the Stephenson, (where our band played some dances) the Rivoli, where I played on the stage with “Don’s Six in Line” (a non-rock group), the standpipe, no longer standing, that we used to sleep on on hot nights (on the walk).”

“It was a two-way street then. I remember it well. It hasn’t changed much, which is all in the favor of these days”

Merry Christmas 🎄🎅🤶🎁

The John Philip Falter Museum

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