Hello Falter Fans -

We hope you had a great Labor Day weekend! We had some exciting news to share about the Passport program and could not wait to share!

This weekend, we surpassed 1,000 Passport participants coming to Falls City!


We are excited to see how many more visitors we will see in the last month of the Program.
It officially ends on September 30th so there is still time to see the museum!

September’s Featured Saturday Evening Post Cover

6 - September 30, 1944.JPG

"Moving Day"

Adopted By: Larry & Faye Darling

John said that he tried "to put down on canvas a piece of America, a stage set, a framework for the imagination to travel around in." His panoramic covers with long views of people were a major departure from the Post's customary close-up designs. In fact, Norman Rockwell himself adjusted to the newer style for a time, which he later referred to as his "Falter Period."

September 30, 1944

It was a pleasure hosting Falls City Public School's Classes of 1964 & 1974 for their reunion social.

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