Good afternoon Falter Fans!

We hope you are all having an incredible Sunday celebrating all those special Dads out there!



It has already been an incredible summer for the Falter Museum! As a member of the 2019 passport program, we have greeted over 350 visitors from 45 different Nebraska cities and towns and 7 different states!

The museum was also open for Lemonade Days that took place on June 1st. Needless to say, it was a lot of fun for everyone involved!

The Saturday Evening Post cover featured in today’s cover photo is John’s May 5th, 1951 illustration:


"Shaking Hands after the Fight"
Adopted By: Randy & Beth Sickel

Boys will be human beings and have differences of opinion. What a pity it is that all human differences, including international, can't be settled as illustrated--by a couple of stronger parties, who prefer peace to war, striding out of their living rooms in great annoyance and thundering, "You two fellows stop this nonsense and shake hands, or we'll tan both of you!"

May 5th, 1951

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